Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I Needed Too

After reading a few things about JAK2 I decided to invest last weekend in it, and Im glad I did. It's a great game, the fact that it looks great and is very different to a lot of platformers is even better. I was just expecting a platformer, I would never have guessed that JAK2 would give you so much freedom in a GTA style world. When I say that getting to the next mission is fun, it really is.

I also got my hands on (finally) a copy of Devil May Cry 2, and yeah it really doesn't live up to the original. It had tanks in it for fucks sake, I mean tanks, in Devil May Cry 2! It's just wrong. The fact that the battles were boring, the camera far too long range and the level design was terrible was enough. I know another design team did it, but I kinda wonder why. Maybe DMC3 will notch up on the original.