Thursday, September 02, 2004

Gaming on a Budget 3

I recently picked up another wicked gaming bargain from the lovely people over at CD-Wow. This was my first order from these guys, and they provide a bloody great service. Anyway with a bit of strategic barganing I managed to pick up Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution for a tiny $32. The great thing about CD-Wow is they post free worldwide, and most of their games are PAL, so for people in Australia and the UK it's a great place to check out.

On to Virtua Fighter 4:Evo though. I haven't really played a VF game since Virtua Fighter 3: Team Battle on the Dreamcast, and that was pretty lacklustre anyway. I had thought about picking up VF4:Evo before now, but just hadn't gotten around to it. Though now I'm really glad I did. This has to be one of the most polished fighting games around, and is up there with Soul Calibre 2.

You can see why this game has had so many rave reviews, there is just so much in it to do. Plus the fact that this game looks great for a PS2 title really helps, very clean with some pretty decent audio to boot.

It's not an easy game and will really test your patients at times, as it can become frustratingly hard in Quest Mode. Though this just forces you to become a better player, though in a harsh way. However as you do play though you notice that you start to use differnt tactics and moves as you up the ranks and take on tougher opponents.

The Quest Mode is huge, allowing you to take each character though it, conquering arcades and colleting items and status to become the champion. There are a heap of items for each character to collect, plus a load of other great stuff!

To complete this game 100% would take far too many hours, I think I'll just stick to my favourite characters and see how far that takes me. Though for $32, it's a lotta game!