Monday, April 09, 2007

Guitar, Hero?

Yes, oh yes, Geemusentaa is back from the dead. Not for any particular reason, just, well because I've nothing much to do at this particular time. Plus I've finished watching all of Season 3 of House, so yeah.

So what better to revive a blog than something negative, controversial and going against what everyone else thinks. Yeah, welcome to my blog.

What I'm talking about is the much love game of Guitar Hero 2. Specifially the Xbox360 version, though I guess this could possibly apply to the PS2 variation, maybe, maybe not, as my issue isn't the game alone.

Now don't get me wrong, I love ryhthem games, I own quite a few and while I'm not as "killer" at them as some people, I still enjoy them a lot. Where I run into issues with these kinds of games is track variation. Sure, it's "Guitar" Hero you say, hence the who rock/guitar emphasis. It's also not my scene, I don't know a fair amount of tracks on the game which really does make it less enjoyable. I hate when games become a slog, and I'm thinking half way through a song I'm playing, "Jesus christ when does this end". That's really not fun. I'm sure a telling sign is the fact that the song I enjoyed the most was "More Talk Less Rokk" by Freezepop, and "Jordan" by Buckethead was also pretty up there.

I'm actually going to go with that as my biggest gripe with this game, as rocking out is pretty damn fun. But shit, do you need that many metal tracks? Why not split it up and have a bit more variety. Original tracks would be far far more intereting than dodgey covers of some overplayed classic "rock" tracks.

My other issue. $160. One hundred and sixty fucking dollars. Now I'm not cheap when it comes to gaming, I'm willing to spend quite a bit on it. But, for a single game, even with a controller, it's a lot to ask. To me it just doesn't seem worth it at the end of the day. I considered the fact that they might release the Guitar Hero tracks onto Marketplace at some point. So, again, I'd have to pony up even more cash. Might actually be worth it for another Freezepop track. Just kidding, well maybe.

I'm sure anyone reading this thinks, "oh what the fuck does this guy know, he's just some techno faggot". Sure I like electronica, but it doesn't stop me from getting into a wide range of music. But that doesn't even matter, a game like GH2 should have more range in it to entice someone like me. But I feel like everyone gives this game "awesome-o" reviews because it's the thing to do. Maybe they don't and eveyrone really does love the shit out of it, and that this game while overloaded with bad metal and rock is a great game and it's been proven by it's popularity and sales.