Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I Needed Too

After reading a few things about JAK2 I decided to invest last weekend in it, and Im glad I did. It's a great game, the fact that it looks great and is very different to a lot of platformers is even better. I was just expecting a platformer, I would never have guessed that JAK2 would give you so much freedom in a GTA style world. When I say that getting to the next mission is fun, it really is.

I also got my hands on (finally) a copy of Devil May Cry 2, and yeah it really doesn't live up to the original. It had tanks in it for fucks sake, I mean tanks, in Devil May Cry 2! It's just wrong. The fact that the battles were boring, the camera far too long range and the level design was terrible was enough. I know another design team did it, but I kinda wonder why. Maybe DMC3 will notch up on the original.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

The Time Is 12

In some weird way I recently got an email from a website called 12am. It was asking for people who were interested in gaming to apply for the job as a gaming editor. Well that sort of thing doesn't have to be told to me twice and I immediately sent an email to the guy in charge expressing my interest.

On reply they said I was just what they were looking for and asked if I could go for an interview, that's when it hit me. I hadn't even thought about it being an "in office" kind of thing, I just assumed it was going to be via email.

After explaining to them that I was 1,200km away, we worked something out and so now I am a reviewer and article write for the gaming section.

After thinking about it I wrote up and article about PS2 Network Gaming, and what it's all about. It's not a review or discussion on the topic, just an outline of what you get. Looking at the site, people reading it might be only casual gamers so I didn't want to overwhelm them with some in depth article about Xbox Live vs PS2 Network Gaming. (Maybe later)

They don't pay for to contributions, which I don't mind. However they said that they would send me review copies of games, that I could keep, which I am also fine with. Though as yet, I haven't gotten a bloody think out of them.

A Rabbit and a Line

It's been a while and I haven't posted much, though I've been fairly busy with work and getting home late doesn't help much.

A few things though. I recently purchased a copy of Vib Ribbon on eBay. After hearing so many great things about this game, and being a huge fan of the music/rhythm genre I decided I had to play it. I like to think that I've played most of the great games on the PSX, but Vib Ribbon coming out near the end of the PSX's life I some how missed it.

For some reason I thought that the game would be closer to Rez on the gameplay scale, but in actuality it's not. I sort of feel disappointed in Vib Ribbon, I just thought there would be more to it, even more music than there is. The main thing that is really frustrating is that when one of the music tracks from the game really gets going, it just stops and repeats. Though being able to play along to Futureshock's "Phantom Theory" is kinda neat.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Point & Click

I've just changed the URL for my Blog. You can now access it at which seems much better.

What's in a name?

I finally got around to deciding on a decent name for this blog. It's now called "Geemusentaa" as in the Japanese word for Game Center, or an Arcade I assume. I was looking around a found this among some other info, Im unsure if its correct or not, but the Japanese being notorious for using english words in their language, it can't be too far wrong. If it is well, shit!

I like the name though, its not too serious. I also want to this blog to become sort of a discussion on new games, anime, music whatever. Mainly stuff from Japan, because of my weird fasination with it. But I'll probably just end up posting what ever (that's interesting) and see how it goes.

Monday, October 13, 2003

'Tis Usually True

Another fun filled weekend has passed, and this one was better than usual. Sort of, nothing really goes to plan.

Anyway, I rented Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance for Xbox, mainly because it's a great game and STILL hadn't played it. MGS on the PSX was great, and I still remember playing the import of it. So I felt really bad that there is this great game on two consoles I own and I havn't bothered playing it yet.

Well the game worked fine at first, and I got through the first section. The second part was a different matter, after locking up on everything from loading a room to using the communication I got pissed and decided to clean the disc. I first tried some Mr Sheen, which did little if anything to help. I noticed a few deep scratches on the disc, and the Xbox not liking scratches at all didn't vibe with these. So I wanted to cut back a layer on the disc, to hopefully refine the scratches. Well I then tried some silver polish, which wasen't abrasive enough. Another trip to the kitchen and under the sink I find some liquid for cleaning ceramic cook tops. Give it a test on the disc and, "Hey" fine scratches. Now this disc didn't work properly anyway, and adding more "fine" scratches wasen't going to hurt. So I did the disc all over twice. After this the game seemed to get further than it had before, but still had small load issues (which pissed me off to no end).

Anyway it got to the point on Sunday where I was playing MSG2 and going quite well, then I get a text msg from a mate, asking if I work weekends. I say "fuck no" and because he's a block away, drives over. This pretty much put an end to my MGS2 frivolity.

But wasen't a bad thing, after talking about thing we got to playing a bit of 2 Player Soul Calibur 2. Which was pretty good fun. Because not havin seeing a few of my mates in a while I havn't had the chance to play much 2 Player. So after many beatings of each other in SC2, I thought Halo might be good.

Now I didn't really enjoy Halo single player. It got really repetative and ended up sucking. Though the first few levels were kinda cool. But 2 Player Halo, now your cooking with, something kinda hot. Anyway it ended up kicking ass. I'd read a lot about Halo being cool in multiplayer (mainly from the boys over at PA) But it really is much better, the Jeep (or SUV as I like to call it) is a great fucking laugh. Probably the best moment was when my mate killed a fellow soldier just to get his sniper rifle.

We had a few good hours on it and got through the first couple of missions. Though I had to go out, which sucked because it was only 2:30pm. But hopfully we can ramp it up again this weekend, more alien killin action is always a good thing.

Oh in the end with the whole MGS2 thing, on retun I told the chick (who was hot!) at Video Ezy (god they are such a crap chain of stores) that I'd had issues with the game. She told me that a bloke goes in every now and then and "cleans" the disc, and she would give me a credit on the game. Which is fine by me, I want to rent it again and finish the fucker, or buy it on eBay I don't really care.

Friday, October 10, 2003

As Good As Free

It's been a weird week. I didn't even realise that today was going to be Friday. I just though that the week was really long. But it tomorrow is the start of the weekend which is great.

I got home yesterday to find a $20 Sanity voucher waiting for me. Which I think I will purchase the new Chemical Brotheres DVD '93-'03.

I've decided to have a weekend dedicated to gaming. I'll check out Blockbuster tomorrow see what games they have, get me some titles I haven't gotten around to yet because Im a slack barstard.

Im near the end of Final Fantasy X, hopfully finish it sometime soon. I really wan't to check out FF X-2, but that's not going to happen here till 2004.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The Advent Children


Well shit at 3.0 k/sec, the fucking DVD will be out by the time it's done.

What is the Matrix?

Just got to thinking about this the other day. I think the hype is going to start again soon, which I don't mind, I love The Matrix.

Since the Reloaded DVD comes out on the 14th here, I really think they are going to push it as hard as the movie. I even got a call on my mobile the other day, which was a recorded message from Agent Smith, saying it was time they thought "I was reloaded". It then went on to tell me about pre-ordering The Matrix, and that I could win some Samsung thing. But anyway, I mean it was pretty fucking cool!! I don't mind that kind of advertising because it stylish and I didn't expect it. It's email about getting bigger breasts I don't need. (Not that I have, or want breasts).

Then there is the Revelations movie. Which will have a gigaton of hype again for. And thats out the 6th of November here. Though the HDTV trailer does look shit hot, so I can understand.

A Crossing of Sorts

I know I haven't posted in a while but, it was sort of a cross between me not knowing what the hell to post about and also being really busy.

The last two weeks have been really really busy, and by the time I get home I can't really be arsed about getting online and trying to think of some thing to write about.

But anyway, I've got some free time now so it's all good. I'd really like to make this into something that people want to read, but I've got to be committed to this for that, and I don't know if I can be. But we'll see.

Just been reading a site called It's something different. It's about British guy (like me) who live in Japan. Only I don't live in Japan, I live in Australia, and work in Brisbane. Which I don't mind because it's quite a nice city.

I wouldn't mind making this site into a sort of gaming news/discussion blog, but that's being done really well over at Penny Arcade. And I mean fuck why try and improve on something when it's great anyway.

One other thing I would really hate this blog to turn into. Is one of those sites that gets posted on about 4 times and never updated. So I'll try and find the time to keep this updates with bit of interesting info, links and whatever I find I think might be interesting.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

A Stage Of History

Just a quick post, its kinda late and Im pretty busy tomorrow.

Anyway, I finally got my copy of Soul Calibur 2 for Xbox. It's even better than I thought it was going to be, pretty much why it consumed my weekend.

Not really much else, I'll post more tomorrow If i get time.


Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Sometimes Longer

There is something weird about waiting for something. It's just strange that 10 days can sometimes seem longer that say 3 months. I guess when your constantly anticipating something it's going to seem like a long time.

Today wasn't really that busy, which was good, because it lets me get on with the pile of things I need to complete.

Christ what the hell do people find to type about in Blogs? I really can't think of anything that people would give a toss about.

Ah, there is the on going saga I have with a woman who I designed a web site for. Now that the site is finished, she thinks the price I quoted at the fucking start is too much? I know (hope) she isn't that dumb, I think it's more that fact that she is trying to screw me down.

Why do people make dealing with them such a hassle. I mean really, now that she's pissed me about, I really don't want to do shit all business with her in the future. Though the guy I got the job through, said she did the same thing with him on some video he converted for he, so I guess she's just like that. Bitch!

Hmm, apart from that everything else is sweet at the moment. Listening to BBC Radio 1 streaming over the web as I usually do of an afternoon at work.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


I see the guy who made Rez is going to announce something new. I just hope its something as groundbreaking as Rez was.

Also EA now has the distro rights for Square-Enix games, their first being Final Fantasy X-2 which could be good if they do a decent conversion this time, unlike the bloody awful one for Final Fantasy X (50Hz), I don't think black boarders can get any bigger.


Well my weekend was pretty uninteresting. Soul Calibur 2 was delayed until the 24th which is tomorrow (Wednesday) which sort of killed any plans I had for the weekend. Though I did buy some Red Bull for the hell of it =)

I did mean to post yesterday, just kind of didn't get around to it.

Thats pretty much it...

Thursday, September 18, 2003

A Few Days

I know I haven't posted for a few days, not like it really matters I can't imagine anyone reading this anyway.

This morning was quite interesting, got lost on the way to work because I missed the god damn turn off. Stupid Brisbane and it's non-labling of streets. So I was 40mins late because I tried to figure out where I was and the UBD wasent any bloody help. But Im here now and the boss didn't really mind so it's all good.

Appart from that its Thursday, which is always good. Only one day till the weekend. Hopefully the guys at my local EB will give me a call and tell me my Pre-Ordered copy of Soul Calibur 2 for Xbox is in. Which I'll pick up Saturday along with some RedBull and get right into that.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Another One

Well another day another dollar. My weekend was again pretty uneventful, though I did manage to pick up a couple of DVDs. One I was after and had been waiting for, the other I just picked up because it was cheap.

It's getting quite warm here (Australia) now, its going to be really a hot summer. Which most people would think would be a good thing, and yeah it nice when its warm, just not when its bloody hot.