Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Upgrading Nostalgia

Ahh nostalgia, something that is treasured by every gamer. It's a funny thing, not something you earn or create, it just seems to happen, the fond memories of the past only coming back now and then when a certain event triggers them.

Now you can look at OutRun 2 in a few different ways, cashing in on nostalgia or introducing the classic OutRun formula to a new breed of gamers. I lean more towards the later, simply because I think Sega Ages 2500: OutRun is a better candidate to cash in on the past.

Either way, OutRun 2 is a welcome addition to the current generation of games. Brandishing new looks with old skool gameplay, OutRun achieves what it sets out to do. Now most gamers today are older, have a full time job and little free time. They you don't always have a lot of time to sit down and play a really involving game or just don't always want to. OutRun 2 is a real winner in this regard, you can play for half an hour and really get a kick out of either Arcade Mode or Challenge Mode. Plus being an arcade game, the whole feeling of it is conveyed much better in small doses.

The addition Mission Mode in this type of game is a very welcome one, adding may more hours of gameplay and interest to the title. Completing differnt missions to unlock new content is always great and really adds to the whole experience.

Sorry for the delays in updates, I've been kinda busy of late buying a new car and all. But check back soon for more regular stuff.