Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Innocence It Is Not

After playing through about 60% of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence you sort of get the feeling you have already been there. Even though this game has gotten some pretty favourable reviews, you can't get over the feeling that its just a few monsters connected via a lot of hallways and big rooms. That's pretty much all you do, run down a hallway, which leads to a room, which contains a few monsters, this then leads to another hallway. Repeat.

Though the other thing that really got me, is at times in the game you might go though about 15 rooms and you think your going to get some great item at the end of it all. Sure you get an item, but it usually doesn't do much of anything.

At times its fun to explore dungeons, kill monsters, and collect treasure, but this just got repetitive and boring. The monsters just keep respawning, all of them! Plus you don't even get anything for all the work. You might get some useless trinket at the end, woo!

If you were a Castlevania fan, you might want to run though the game once and collect the keys that open up other areas on certian maps to possibly collect decent items. But even then, it's not even "Diablo II" cool when you kill something.

Monday, March 15, 2004

The Sequel

Well it finally happned, Square Soft now Square Enix did what everyone wanted. They released the sequel to a Final Fantasy game. That games happens to be Fianl Fantasy X-2. For the most part people seem to like it, and I am one of those people. Which is funny really because I wasen't a huge fan of FFX. I just didn't get into the whole story and the water thing bugged me.

I think what makes FF X-2 such a pleasure to play is the whole light hearted story line and the fact that there isn't a real whole feeling of impending doom you tend to get with FF games. With the main characters being 3 girls, it just makes the game that much more fun. Also the addition of the new battle system and dress spheres makes for much more fast paced gameplay, which is different in a FF game. Accept when your trying to get too many commands out at once and hit he wrong one. But that dosent happen often. Im glad the Square Enix decided to change the sequel a bit, you dont want to spent $100 and play the same damn game again. Hi Capcom!

I checked out Castlevaniva: Lament of Innocence on the PS2 the other day, which I will post some impressions of later in the week.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


This Blog is still alive, I know it hasn't been updated in months and I feel really bad about it. I really wanted to try and start a decent gaming blog. Also after reading this article in Wired I thought I better start it up again. And put some damn effort into it...

Anyway, I've just been kinda busy. Which I know isn't an excuse but I just haven't had time or effort or something.

Also Final Fantasy X-2 just got released here and a few other decent looking titles like Kill Switch, which I hope to have some play time with soon.