Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It’s sort of becoming a regular thing now, that I only post when the WOW servers are down, but there just hasn’t been anything much going on in the way of gaming. Oh, well besides the announcement of pricing for the Xbox360, but shit they didn’t release a price for Australia so at the moment I don’t really care, anything would just be more speculation, and we don’t need anymore of that.

I would give you a review of my new copy of Sonic Gems Collection for the PS2 that rocked up last week, I say “would” because my goddamn PS2 now doesn’t want to read the main part of the disc! I have no idea what the fuck is up with it, it reads the disc, reads the GameGear games on it but refuses to read any of the other games on there and just stops responding, I think the units fucked. I thought about it, and have a few options at my disposal. Either buy a new JPN PS2 at a cost of over $300, bet my PS2 chipped at around $150 or just buy Sonic Gems Collection in PAL for $50, I’m doing last one. I don’t really have any spare cash at the moment to blow out big time. I might just try and pick up a cheap JPN PS2 at some other time, for the moment it can wait and this one will do most things besides read the goddamn game I most want to play.

Oh yeah, I’m also downloading the new F.E.A.R demo, but I’m not sure I’m really going to care.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Mouse = Teh Pwn

Ohh, it's an update and guess what it's not about WOW, because I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about it. Though I might mention WOW in this post again, but bear with me it's related.

So yesterday I turn on my PC, start up World of Warcraft, do a few things and then mutherfuckin BAM. I'm at my desktop, looking at a critical battery message for my mouse. All I could think was, WTF are you on about, I just put expensive long life batteries in you a week ago. Thinking it might be a error, I fiddled with the batteries, popped 'em back in, check the battery status and it's still critical. Now spending $8 on 4 Duracell Ultra batteries that last a week is just not on.

So yesterday I was in a mood, so just thought I'm buying a new mouse. So I decided to buy the most expensive thing I could. The Logitech MX 1000 is "teh shit". It's their new laser mouse, and goddamn is it smooth. You would think optical is pretty good right, yeah it's not, it's shit. Once you sample one of these things, you are in mouse heaven. Yeah it's expensive, but I didn't pay retail for it, so I don't really care.

Also for gaming this thing absolutely fucking rocks, not lag at all because it uses the new "Fast RF" technology, and because it's laser it's super smooth. Also the main reason I bought it, is that it's cordless however it is rechargeable and has a little bay you drop the mouse into. It's also super comfortable and has many buttons on it, actually I don't want to talk about it anymore. Go now and buy one. If you are still using a corded mouse, shame on you!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I Love A New Addiction

Humble apologies again for the lack of updates. World of Warcraft has just had me in it's grip, and since I don't get a great deal of spare time during the week, I try and squeeze the most I can out of it. I'll try and get back to regular updates from now on though. The only real reason that I'm not playing right now is that I needed to download a few things. The problem with the game is, there is just so much you can do, and you constantly have this "just one more thing" mentality going on, especially when trying to complete a series of quests. I can't believe I thought I might not like WOW.

On a console related note, I ordered Sonic Gems Collection the other day, so hopefully I'll have that next week and can write up some impressions of it. I picked up the PS2 version so I hope it's ok. It's not very expensive, and the PAL version should only be $50 which is a right bargain. Anyways, just hoping that SonicCD has the JPN/EU intro.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Sorry to anyone who likes to read this site on a regular basis, or even every now and then for the lack of updates. The reason for it is that I recently bit the bullet and bought World Of Warcraft. Don't ask me why as I couldn't tell you, I just had the sudden urge to experience it, even though I used to be fairly opposed to paying an monthly fee to play a game. However now that I have broadband and can afford the fees I didn't see a reason not to try it out.

I'd always wondered what the attraction to these games was, especially WOW, and now I know. The massive size of these games is immense and overwhelming. Though the thing that I enjoy most is the commradre, helping other people out and also having people give me a hand when I need it. That's where I think the attraction lies, as well as the gameplay and levelling up characters and questing, it's being able to meet, chat and play with people who enjoy something you do.

Seeing as there are no Australian servers for WOW, I'm playing on one that I have no idea where it is. The pings aren't bad, and you get some lag ever now and then, but so do most people as well.

If you want to meet up with me in the game, my name is Raveous and I'm on the Draenor server.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Gaming TV

I recently started watching a few of the shows from a cable station in the US called G4TV. I've heard a few people mention that he station is utter tat and that the shows like X-Play are rubbish. Since we can't get the station here in Australia, I decided to torrent a few episodes of X-Play and another show called "Attack Of The Show".

Now I kind of have to agree that X-Play is pretty bad, and there are reasons for this. Morgan Web and Adam Sessler are the hosts of the show. After seeing Morgan Web also host "Attack Of The Show" I think she is pretty cool, and does a decent job. Adam Sessler on the other hand just comes across as a knob and should be associated with anything TV related. The show it's self is a mishmash of gaming news and reviews. They seem to choose really strange game to review at times (Digimon?!), and some of them I have no idea why they bother. If X-Play was on TV it would be something you might watch if it was on, but not really bother to make sure you didn't miss an ep.

However "Attack Of The Show" is a lot more stylish and well done. From the funky intro to the knowledgeable hosts. this show is 40mins of geek news. I try and keep up to date with most things by reading a fair few news sites, but I still pick up decent titbits from the show. The show it's self focuses on pretty much anything geeky or tech. From gaming to internet and the latest cool toys, they have a go at anything. I just wish I could get hold of more episodes because it's a great 40min show, and got some decent humour thrown in thought it.