Friday, October 13, 2006

Leave It To PR Please

It's funny the things people with say when under pressure to look like they know what they are doing, and are in control of a situation. Case in point, Sony exec Michael Ephraim on Screen Play. Where oh, where to start. Firstly, don't attack rivial consoles when you have failed to release yours in the same time frame, and have left PAL territories waiting the longest as usual. Oh but how can I forget "PAL gamers don't mind waiting". Oh no, I fucking love that aspect of always having to wait for every goddamn release the longest. Just because we are always the last, doesn't mean we actually like it.

Secondly, bringing up the price point of rival consoles, especially when yours costs twice the price of one of them, is not a great idea. Trying to use this as leverage in an argument to make your product look better is poor, very poor.

I like how the focus of the Xbox360 is apparently "too narrow". I amazed that this is brought up. The 360, having been out for nearly around a year now has a fairly decent line up of titles across a range of genres. Now just because they choose not to release trash like "Singstar" or some other god awful fad title does not make their vision narrow. I'm sure Sony's launch line up of sequels has a much "broader" vision in mind.

Don't think I'm taking sides here, Sony just need to keep their execs from speaking in public.