Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday

Well thanks to the possible collapse of a certain overpass, my week is going to be interesting. Also Splinter Cell: Double Agent should drop tomorrow, oh yes, it's been a long time coming.

I recently picked up Dragon Quest 8 and Ridge Racer 6.

Now Ridge Racer 6 is the usual, it's similar to Ridge Racers on the PSP, though doesn't seem as fast paced as. Maybe it's just the classes I've played so far, apart from it seeming ridiculously easy it's still decent. My biggest gripe is that most of the cars feel and drive the same, even the different makes are only have minor changes to them, which to me seems pointless. Anyway I'll play the rest, see how it pans out.

Now Dragon Quest 8. I swear this game has the hardest start to it than any other game. Sure it's ok once you get into it, but Jesus wept, when I'm playing a new game, and an RPG at that, I be a gradual increase in difficulty so I'm not frustrated. I did read that this game was a little harder at the start, and it bloody well is. I like the game besides that so I'll carry on with it, I just wish it didn't seem like such a struggle at times.